Top-notch IT resources in Europe's Silicon Valley
SHE Cluj as a leader in the IT scene
Business building in Cluj, Napoca

Available Resources

  • 1,000+ IT graduated each year in Cluj
  • 100+ engineers in our S/H/E pool
  • low fluctuation of internal employees
  • team can be set up in a few weeks

Attractice Price

  • Romanian salaries are not at the level of US salaries yet
  • cheaper than employing your own IT specialist

Proven Quality

  • German companies trust in S/H/E since years
  • S/H/E has 250+ employees
  • successful since 35 years
  •  80% of our customers are still working with us

Growing shortage of skilled IT resources?  With more than 100 experts in Cluj-Napoca, you can realize your digitization projects. For over 10 years, cross-industry solutions have been developed by us to help you.

Cluj-Napoca: The European Silicon Valley

Cluj-Napoca is one of Europe's most attractive hotspots for IT professionals. With more than 1,000 graduates annually from the three local universities, Cluj-Napoca is the city with the fastest growing IT resource pool.


+ 1.000 IT-graduates per year


top-notch delivery quality

Wether you start small or plan big: This is how your dedicated team will bring you forward

Strengthen you business by using our resources and expanding your team. A great idea is to start with a pilot project where we will prove communication, velocity, and deliverability.

Project start
... in just a couple of weeks


Project language
... english


Project size
... starting with 1 developer


Project manager
… will be provided if required

This is how we do it


Time & Material

Provides you with the flexibility needed in your agreement as you're only paying a set amount for the materials and time taken to complete the project. This makes negotiating terms and conditions easy as these are established quickly when writing a T&M contract (as long as you and the contractors are able to reach a mutual agreement and neither party tries to negotiate terms that would only provide benefits for themselves) 

Dedicated Team

WIth the Dedicated Team model you will get a team that works only for you. With our specific Dedicated Team model you can save money if you commit to a longer partnership with us. The idea is that you will pay a fixed monthly price which will alow you to handle our ressource as your own. You will know exactly who works for you.


Meet Marius Cimpean, CEO Cluj

With Marius, you have an expert for IT projects at hand. He ensures that your project is implemented professionally and that communication succeeds flawlessly.

Meet Marius