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Growing shortage of skilled IT resources?  With more than 100 experts in Cluj-Napoca, you can realize your digitization projects. For over 10 years, cross-industry solutions have been developed by us to help you.

Cluj-Napoca: The European Silicon Valley

Cluj-Napoca is one of Europe's most attractive hotspots for IT professionals. With more than 1,700 graduates annually from the three local universities, Cluj-Napoca is the city with the fastest growing IT resource pool.


+ 1.700 IT-graduates per year


top-notch delivery quality

Wether you start small or plan big:

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If you want to strengthen your business, it's important to use all the resources available to you and expand your team. One way to achieve this is by partnering with a reliable and experienced team that can help you achieve your goals.

A pilot project is a great way to test the waters and prove the effectiveness of partnership. By working together on a pilot project, you can build trust and confidence in your team.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Consider partnering with a reliable team and start your pilot project.

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Time & Material

A T&M contract provides flexibility as one pay a set amount for materials and time, making it easier to negotiate terms and conditions. However, both parties must reach a mutual agreement to avoid one-sided benefits.

Dedicated Team / Outbranching

Our Dedicated Team model provides our clients with a team exclusively working for them. By committing to a long term partnership, they can save money with our specific mode, paying a fixed monthly price. That allows them to manage our resources as their own and know their team members.

Meet Marius Cimpean

CEO Cluj


Marius is one of the leading software development experts of Romania.
The Cluj-Napoca native made his dream come true when he started SHE Information Technology, Cluj as a co-owner and CEO.

With Marius and the Program Managers team, you have the experts for IT projects at hand. We ensure that your project is implemented professionally and that communication succeeds flawlessly.

Meet Marius

Our expertise spans a wide array of technologies.

The most important of them being:


Have a glimpse at our experience in the following fields:


Web Development

We are a dependable partner committed to quality and transparency in software development and communication. Our skilled team has a wealth of experience developing web applications for industries ranging from finance to healthcare. We stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and use agile methodologies. We specialize in Java/Spring, AngularJS, and ReactJS.


SHE provides fast and secure IoT solutions with industry 4.0 principles. We balance custom features and fast delivery using proprietary and third-party tools. Our focus on user experience ensures high transparency for all technical levels.

Mobile Development

We customize app development for industries such as finance and healthcare using appropriate technologies, including native and cross-platform solutions. Our engineers select the best technology for complex mobile apps, while our UI/UX designers lead the concept phase with customers and product owners for web and mobile projects.



SHE supports partners in creating healthcare solutions to improve services worldwide. We're a cost-effective, innovative partner for small to medium-sized healthcare IT providers, with expertise in security.

Finance / Inssurance

SHE automates financial businesses, providing technical expertise in Java/Spring, .NET, and AngularJS/ReactJS. We accelerate IT product delivery and bring innovation to end-to-end solutions. Our agile team supports various roles, including product owner, scrum master, developers, and QA automation. We support private/public cloud and on-prem solutions.

Would you like a little bit more?

As an innovative IT service provider, SHE can offer the entire technological range, including hardware and licenses as well as the development and operation of complex infrastructures.


What are you going to benefit from?


SHE Romania is a reliable software development partner that allows your company to focus on core competencies and achieve remarkable results. Our highly qualified developers deliver excellent results in mainstream and niche programming languages. We prioritize top service quality, flexibility, agility, and transparency, resulting in high customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our linguistic capabilities, access to modern technologies and high retention rates make us an attractive partner for clients. We constantly improve our performance and follow the industries best practices to enhance our clients' benefits.

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