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Our Dedicated Team approach will help you save costs and time by providing you with highly skilled IT experts of your choice.

Saving costs

By commiting to a Dedicated Team we can offer you discounted rates for our software experts. You will save up to 45% compared to our T&M model.

Salaries for software experts in Eastern Europe are significantly lower than in the US. Turn this into an advantage for you without loosing any quality

Saving time

Make use of the Time Zone Turbo. While you sleep, your developers get your work done. Alignments take place in the morning or in the afternoon. You will be able to double the speed of your project.


Your choice

Given its flexibility and scalability, the Dedicated Team model is a great fit for long-term engagements with broad scopes and potential changes in requirements.

Long-term commitment – you can already start with only 2 FTEs

Your advantages

Your team – together we will set up the team that will exclusively work for you

Save even more – attractive monthly rates lead to even more savings compared to T&M.

100% Convenience - we take care of resources, equipment, taxes, administrative issues, etc.

Ability to breathe – you can temporarily add resources based on T&M

Your Team

When you set up an Outbranching team, we make sure to pick the right professionals for your project

You may even join the recruiting interviews

With SHE, we personalize our team to your unique business needs

Our main goal: gather the perfect team to create the digital solution you’re looking for

Got questions regarding our rates?

Schedule a call with us and we will happily share them with you. 

Cut your development cost


Doug Edmonds, founder of Knowledge Leaps, a group of companies specializing in analytics and data, had some difficulties in the past when it came to developing software in-house. 'We couldn't keep up in terms of pay.' was the result when Knowledge Leaps started looking for software engineers in the United States.
This drove his decision to outsource the development of a very easy-to-use platform. Fortunately, after a long journey, Doug was recommended to - and what started with a wireframe at a very low entry price ended up in the backbone of Knowledge Leaps' data business.

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There are 20+ customers loving SHE Cluj, Romania

Global players rely on German IT made in Romania


Project saved

Milestone Set in the Market

Cluj-Napoca – Europe's Silicon Valley

With more than 1,000 university graduates per year, Cluj-Napoca is the fastest growing IT resource pool and overall forms one of Europe's most attractive hotspots for IT professionals.


+ 1,000 IT graduates per year


Time zone overlap allows you to work with your team efficiently

Our software expert levels



A Junior works best in a team with higher level experts. Juniors are coming right from university and are highly motivated to work on your next IT project. They are young, hard working, eager to learn and gain experience.


A Mid already has a couple years of experience and does not need any guidance.  You can't go wrong with them. Their work will exceed your expectations.


A Senior has lots of project experience. Seniors will be able to guide and help other team members and will make sure that excellent work will be delivered.

Best Talent

Our Best Talent will lead the team. They have extraordinary knowledge and experience. With a Best Talent in your team you know that your project will be well managed and will be delivered beyond expectations.

Roles for your software development team

We have them all and provide them to you according to your needs.


Software Developer


UI/UX Designer



Business Analyst

Product Owner


QA Engineer

SCRUM Master


DevOps Engineer

Be one step ahead of your competitors by using advanced technologies





JavaScript AJAX PWA
Bootstrap HTML / CSS  and others



Java Spring/JEE .NET / C# PHP
Node.js Ruby Python
Perl Scala and others



HW & SW design and implementation C++ Microcontroller
AURORA Yocto Python
Cantata++ Tessy Eagle



Data bases

MySQL Oracle



Android iOS
Windows Cross Platforms


AWS Azure
Google Custom Platforms


Your benefits:

  • Time Zone Turbo
  • Saving costs
  • Team works exclusively for you
  • Start your project in 4-8 weeks
  • No surprise costs
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