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Cimpean is a German-Romanian software development company that offers you high quality software outsourcing to Europe at a fair price. With over 250 employees, we have a wide pool of highly qualified software engineers who can start working on your project within a few days. Our customers appreciate more than 35 years of experience, an enormously low turnover rate as well as the time zone turbo: Benefit now from waking up when your next software project is ready!


Recent event


In June 2023, we had the incredible opportunity to attend the CIOsan francisco event hosted by CIOsynergy. We are thrilled to share our exciting recap of this outstanding gathering, where top IT executives from across the nation convened to explore the latest trends and advancements in the dynamic IT industry.

Our vibrant orange booth created quite a buzz and garnered an exceptional response from IT leaders. The energy was palpable as attendees couldn't help but rave about our enticing raffle prize: a chance to win two tickets to experience the legendary Diana Ross at a live concert.

The event served as a perfect platform for networking and knowledge sharing, allowing us to connect with industry experts and engage in insightful discussions. We immersed ourselves in captivating conversations about cutting-edge technologies, strategic IT solutions, and forward-thinking approaches to drive business success.


Best Practice


In most cases, our customers start with a project-based approach. With some 20 man-days, they gain the necessary experience and use the advantages of that model.

Most of our customers move on to Dedicated Team after a successful project-based approach and benefit long-term of high quality while saving costs.


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Doug Edmonds, founder of Knowledge Leaps, a group of companies specializing in analytics and data, had some difficulties in the past when it came to developing software in-house. 'We couldn't keep up in terms of pay.' was the result when Knowledge Leaps started looking for software engineers in the United States.
This drove his decision to outsource the development of a very easy-to-use platform. Fortunately, after a long journey, Doug was recommended to - and what started with a wireframe at a very low entry price ended up in the backbone of Knowledge Leaps' data business.

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Our customers love software with German quality standards



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Expand your team quickly with our top tech talents from Romania.

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We are located in San Diego, CA. Happy to meet you in person while delivering your software with the quality you expect from German Engineering.

customer satisfaction

+ 90% of our customers...

+ 90 % of our customers extend their contract with us

You are looking for a partner you can trust. So do our our clients. And so do we.

Western culture is key…

You may be aware that offshoring can be challenging due to cultural gaps.

Our software engineers perfectly match the western culture you need for your success. 

Low turnover rate is key...

You may be aware that offshoring can be troublesome when providers' personnel leave shortly after onboarding.

Our turnover rate is below 10% because we care for our people.


rates help you...

  • Cheaper than employing your own IT-resources.
  • Our rates will help you match your budget needs.
  • Save up to 60% compared to local providers.

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Time Zone

Your European developers will work during the night for you

Exquisite language

Eliminate Offshoring Hassles: Our Fluent English-Speaking Software Engineers Ensure Clear Communication.

Start within weeks

Accelerate Your Timeline: Leverage Romania's Agile IT Market and's High Reputation for Rapid Resource Acquisition in Weeks. 

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