Benefit even with a small team.
We take care of everything.

Unlock the Power of Eastern European Talent for Your Projects!


You've probably heard about the highly skilled software engineers in Eastern Europe, especially in Romania, where rates are significantly lower than in the US. Major companies have already established subsidiaries in Eastern Europe to tap into these valuable resources. Now, you too can reap the benefits, even if your team size ranges from 3 to 30 FTE, without the need to start a company there.

Introducing our revolutionary service:

Micro Offshoring in a Box. Trusted by German clients for over a decade, we are now extending our offerings to US clients. A respected CIO from a renowned San Diego company described our services precisely as that - "Micro Offshoring in a box." We embrace the term wholeheartedly.

Let us kickstart the recruitment process for your augmented team. Simply share your project requirements and the profiles you need, and leave the rest to us. We handle all the essential aspects, from finding the right software engineers to handling all the legal matters, ensuring a smooth and efficient process in a matter of weeks.

For you it is just a contract with a local US company: S/H/E Information Technology LLC, San Diego, CA.

Together, we'll strengthen your organization's competitiveness and make it shine even brighter.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to leverage top Eastern European talent for your projects. 

Embrace the power of Micro Offshoring in a Box today!