Welcome to the Product Market Fit Workshop!
On this page, you will find your material as a starting point to analyze the financial brokers market.

Market overview


This will give you an overview of all companies in the financial brokers market. Use it to build the top right sections of the canvas.

Studies and articles

Use these as a starting point to get some ideas about pains, needs and trends in the market.

▶ she.net/strategy-2022/brokers-2

▶ she.net/strategy-2022/brokers-3

▶ she.net/strategy-2022/brokers-4

▶ she.net/strategy-2022/brokers-5

▶ she.net/strategy-2022/brokers-6

▶ she.net/strategy-2022/brokers-7

▶ she.net/strategy-2022/brokers-8



Hints for your research

▶ Thorough market research can not be done in one hour - we want to get a first common overview

▶ We have prepared some material to help you find sources quickly, especially for the „Trends, Needs & Pains“ field

▶ Do not try to read the longer studies completely – almost noone does this. Read the management summaries, scan the rest. Collect potential pains & needs on the board.

▶ Additionally, Google for sources. This is what we would do „in reality“ too!

▶ Also use what you know from your existing customers!

▶ If you find interesting sources but do not have time to check them now, put them on the „Good to know“ field of the canvas – we will continue this work later on!

▶ It makes sense to „distribute“ the canvas in the group. 3-4 people might work with studies, the rest can take care of one canvas field each

▶ Take 10 minutes to summarize and consolidate the canvas as a group before you present