German-Romanian software development company
Based in Cluj-Napoca that offers high quality software engineering






This is us

SHE is a German-Romanian software development company that offers you high quality software outsourcing at a fair price. With over 250 employees, we have a wide pool of highly qualified software engineers who can start working on your project within a few days. Our customers appreciate more than 35 years of experience, an enormously low fluctuation rate and a large variety of technologies and industries.

Management Team


Marius Cimpean –

Marius Cimpean has been CEO and co-owner of SHE Information Technology S.R.L. in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, since its foundation in 2012. In this role, the renowned software expert is also part of the management board of the SHE Group. (Profile)


Dr. Carsten Stockmann -

Dr. Carsten Stockmann is CEO of SHE Group. He and his family are co-owners of the Germany-based SHE Informationstechnologie AG. Before joining SHE in 2014 Carsten was an award-winning CIO of one of the leading German Financial Services companies, member of the executive board of a German bank and COO at Mayflower Capital. (Profile)


Ulrich Engelhardt -

Ulrich Engelhardt founded SHE in Germany 1987 as “Softwarehaus Engelhardt”. SHE is still majority family-owned and a central part of his various entrepreneurial activities. (Profile)

What matters most



  • Prioritize people and their needs
  • Possess technical and soft skills, empathy and intelligence
  • Focus on quality, solutions, and career aspirations
  • Foster team spirit, reliability, and dependence
  • Be open and helpful for a positive work environment


  • Deliver quality, understanding & trusted partnership
  • Flexibility to save costs
  • Skilled engineers, modern technology
  • Collaborate effectively
  • Agile and responsive


  • Strong leadership and family-like culture
  • Emphasis on safety and profitability with smooth processes
  • Focus on mental health, work-life balance, and development plans
  • Scaling for sales and delivery with flexibility and trust
  • Future-oriented and trustworthy

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