Agile Nearshoring

Nearshoring and Outbranching: High Level, Low Cost

The digitization of processes and markets is leading to fierce competition, and with top IT executives at very favorable labor costs your company will hold a leading position.

SHE is closely involved in the academic network in Cluj with over 800 highly qualified computer science graduates every year. Nearshoring with SHE in the EU member state of Romania is based on a stable and multifaceted foundation of state-of-the-art IT expertise.

State-of-the-art IT expertise, knowledge of the respective industry and cultural proximity: According to an IDG research, the level of satisfaction of outsourcing customers increases the closer the service provider is to the domestic market.

Software architects, business analysts, project managers, developers: At the SHE nearshore location in Cluj/Romania there are individual experts or entire teams ready to help you – tailored to your specific needs.

Communication with your SHE team runs smoothly due to high-speed, secure internet lines. And if you want to visit your team on the spot, there are direct flights between Cluj-Napoca and several German cities.

Nearshoring by SHE

Your business is growing and the business processes need to be scaled rapidly with innovative IT. Your need: flexible, agile software teams whose skills and size can be adapted to your current need at any time.

Your IT team is not always capable of implementing business-critical innovations on their own. Your need: a reliable partner who can run business processes and functions for you, completely or in part.

In order for this transfer to be a success, you need to be able to fully trust your service provider. Your need: Open book – full transparency of internal processes – access to all security-relevant systems and personal contact with the experts

Smaller developments or projects billed according to actual expenses (time and material) as well can only be successful when the service provider delivers perfect skills. Your need: Software experts with a high degree of technical expertise, innovative strength, talent and self-confidence.

How you benefit from the supply of highly skilled computer science graduates in SHE's network in Cluj-Napoca: Individual experts or an entire team are available at short notice and for nearly any requirement

How you benefit from SHE's outbranching model: There is a software team at your disposal that you can control just like an in-house team, which enables you to implement innovations that would not be achievable with internal staff and resources only – IT on a corporate level also for medium-sized companies.

How you benefit from the low salary level in Romania: You have top level skills and resources at your disposal, yet for a fraction of the labor costs in Western Europe. – By the way, an SHE developer won the NASA Space App Challenge in Romania in April 2016 with an app that provides air passengers with early warnings in case of delays due to bad weather.

How you benefit from SHE's administrative service: You control a team that is put together specifically for your needs but do not have to deal with any fiscal and labor law-related matters..

Through nearshoring and outbranching, SHE enables medium-sized companies to benefit from IT innovations like on a corporate level.

IT services are subject to fierce price competition; large corporations exploit this competition by making use of innovation and cost advantages through nearshoring and offshoring contracts. Due to its long-standing experience with the IT of large corporations, SHE is capable of enabling small and medium-sized companies to benefit from the same opportunities. SHE offers both classic outsourcing billing models (according to time and material or fixed price) as well as the novel outbranching model: A team with a long-term perspective is put together specifically for one client who then controls the team.


Technology and methods

  • Java architectures: Custom Application, Java EE & SE, Spring, Liferay, First Spirit
  • Design and architectures: Monolithic (N-Tiers), Microservices (Docker, Spring Cloud, Eureka, Vert.x)
  • Mobile solutions: Android, Windows Phone, Apple iOS
  • Data bases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL Berkeley DB XML, MongoDB
  • Quality assurance: Complete test plans, manual, usability, acceptance test of the automation solution (Selenium, Jenkins) – continuous integration
  • Data analysis, data science: R, Tableau, SAS, SPSS, JMP, Azure
  • Microsoft (SHE partner): SharePoint, C# , ASP .Net, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics
  • SAP (SHE partner): ABAP/Modules Specific Hybris – E-Commerce (Java)
  • Oracle (SHE partner): Oracle BI, OBIEE, ETL, ODI, OWB, PL/SQL, Forms, EBS 12 Oracle Application Framework, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports
  • Mainframes: Cobol, JCL, IMS DB/DC, DL/I, DB2
  • PHP and CMS: Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Joomla/Alfresco (Java


Your contact person

Jürgen Spieß Director Sales / Authorized Signatory
T +49 621 5200 - 234
Can we be of assistance? Please contact us!