Agile Nearshoring

High standards, fair conditions, high satisfaction

With top IT professionals on fair conditions, you are right at the forefront of digitalization. Cost-efficient nearshoring in probably the hottest hotspot for software development in the European Union is fast, uncomplicated and easy with SHE.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Participating in the megatrend: Strengthen your business by making nearshoring a part of your strategy.
  • Increase productivity: Expand your development team in a few weeks and reduce development costs.
  • Increase speed: Accelerate development cycles through modern methods such as Agile Development and DevOps.
  • Select the optimal model: Choose from different project models.
  • Use our experience: Use our more than ten years of expertise to successfully implement nearshoring.
  • Minimize risks: The German SHE Informationstechnologie AG is your contractual partner.
  • Simply be satisfied: Exchange ideas with our customers and find out why they are so convinced.

Silicon Valley of Europe

With more than 1,000 IT graduates per year, the second largest city in Romania is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of Europe. Universities and colleges enjoy high recognition. You will love to visit the modern, lively city of Cluj-Napoca. Our colleagues are not only highly qualified, but also hospitable and eloquent in fluent English and German.

  • Less than two hours flight time from most airports in Germany
  • Project based approach or dedicated team? Choose your favorite

Expand your development team and reduce costs in a short time

We meet so that you can get to know us and we can understand your requirements and wishes. We would be happy to travel with you to Cluj-Napoca. On site you can experience what makes the city so special for the IT industry and learn directly how the young SHE team works there. We will build a virtual team of your employees and experts of SHE Cluj with you. Depending on your needs and requirements, we can also integrate SHE expertise from Germany into the team. We anticipate just one thing: the communication will work out wonderfully - if only because of the same culture.

Now the conceptional phase begins. What specific requirements are to be implemented? Which architecture should be used? Which profiles do you need for the team? After the requirements have been defined and the software design has been completed, SHE will perform the validated estimation. This basis is your planning reliability for costs, resources and implementation time. It usually takes only a few weeks until the productive start.

Acceleration of development cycles through modern methods

In software development, Scrum has become a de facto standard in order to be able to respond flexibly to customer requirements and at the same time achieve your goal cost-effectively. By using DevOps you bring software development and classic IT infrastructure together in such a way that fast release cycles are possible. We were even able to enable DAX companies to operate with several releases per week. For more and more companies, this speed is a prerequisite for significantly improving the customer experience in their markets.

Choose your project model

  • Project-based, according to Time & Material or as a fixed price project
  • Outbranching: Your own dedicated team in Cluj if you plan for the long term

In most cases our customers start with a project-based approach. Many then switch to "outbranching". Solarlux CIO Michael Berens was awarded CIO of the Year for this.

In the outbranching model we put together your dedicated team in Cluj together with you. The basis of the at least two-year collaboration is a completely transparent billing model, which drastically reduces the low development costs for you once again.

Suitable for small and large digitization projects

The first joint project to get to know each other can be small. Already with about 20 man-days you gain the necessary experience and use the advantages of the model. Outbranching teams can start with just three people.

In large digitization projects, more than 20 SHE experts can help you realize competitive advantages in your markets.

Our team in Cluj has grown in a short time to over 60 software specialists.


Your contact person

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