Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Transformation Journey

We live in a hybrid world

XaaS Evolution

Marius Cimpean, Markus Steil and Thorsten Ruf were present on 29 June 2020

CX focused action in marketing and sales meets processes and IT (in German)

Traditional IT versus digitalization:

  • Standard IT focused on internal services
  • Forms a robust, reliable basis
  • Digitization directed outwards
  • Digitization directed outwards = Digitization focused to the outside

Herkoemmliche IT vs Digitalisierung

Starting point of the journey

Strengthening business through skills to methods


Excursus to Cluj

Cluj-Napoca (SHE Romania)

  • More than 1,000 IT graduates per year
  • 1:50 h flight time from Frankfurt or Munich
  • Dedicated teams for each client
  • Highly qualified experts with extensive tech stack
  • Open book approach (T&M, fixed price or outbranching)
  • Presence in Germany

Customer example


"The medium-sized company Solarlux develops its customer portal as microservices in agile projects. The software team works distributed: at the company headquarters in Lower Saxony and, within the framework of outbranching, at the service provider SHE in Cluj, Romania."

COMPUTERWOCHE, Bernhard Haluschak (Author), 15.11.2018 (only in German)


Practical example: Cookie consent

Strengthen customer loyalty


with the SHE CX Kit

Practical example: Chatbot

Implementation and integration into the SHE CX-Kit

Digital Transformation Journey

Take your customers with you
master the complexity

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