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The Market and the Trend

The digitalization of public administration has huge potential in many ways: citizens benefit from fast services without queuing for registration or transfer, automobile registration, identity documents and registration system, as well as from up-to-date online information. Municipalities can streamline their workflows through modern IT, they can reduce paperwork and paper stocks and thus administrative expenses – in order to reduce costs and increase citizen satisfaction, despite administrative offices being discontinued.

A number of organizations from the public sector are on the right path, while others – at municipality, county or national level – have not managed to provide comfortable and secure digital interfaces to citizens or to the economy, because this also means to make available an efficient network infrastructure, both stationary and mobile, and satisfactory answers to data security and security concerns and development of competence in the fields of IT and social media. If starting with 2016 public contracts will be assigned electronically, like the UE requires, demands increase rapidly: systems for the content and form management are needed, as well as electronic payment methods, digital signatures and virtual post rooms. 30.000 supply departments at national, county and municipal level will be affected.

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The Digital Workspace of tomorrow makes available central data pools on all levels of the value and supply chain, irrespective of the location and terminal device.

Software development enables tracking, tracing and navigation in all possible contexts.

In our data centres, production and customer processes are unlimitedly compressed into real business knowledge.

Our near shore software developers ensure that sophisticated software development programs are implemented at reasonable costs and speed.


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