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The Market and the Trend

Modern media consumers are mobile and electronically networked. They are used to being able to access information from many sources and exchange experiences with others via social media. Only gradually and with considerable restrictions do they get used to pay for contents and for using information and communication platforms. The free-of-charge culture of the internet cannot be eliminated and paid content did not prevail.

This digital transformation has a massive impact on the media sector business. Print revenues are falling, the digital business needs to be understood and initialised with high investments, and new business models need to be extended on mobile platforms. At the same time, publishers need to consolidate their activities to face the cost pressures resulting from this transformation.

Consolidation also takes place within agencies, where the trend is towards full-services. In this context, a great demand for skilled people capable to build up robust and flexible solutions emerges, which only succeeds with great experience in managing complex projects. Media agencies of traditional nature cannot fully cover this demand, as their structures are oriented rather towards dynamic creation than towards stable planning.

Find out what it means to be a big or a small part of our world.

SHE – Always one IT ahead.

SHE is an experienced partner who can move forward media and communication companies with respect to digital business and successfully and efficiently integrate IT systems in the daily business.

Software development turns the creative output of the agencies into robust IT solutions, along with support of product management, and represents a functional interface between marketing and IT.

Our Secure Hybrid Infrastructure enables media companies to transfer digital services for secure operation into competent hands, to compensate peak loads and to switch to unlimitedly scalable infrastructure completely or partly if necessary.

Our software development supports you in implementing your digitalization strategy and ensures compliance with business processes.

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