Digital Customer Experience

Various terminal devices, Google search, Facebook, online shop and so on: This is the omnichannel that must be mastered because this is where you control and increase sales.

It is the digital channels where you establish customer contacts and expand your target group – the basis for growth and success.

On the digital channels you get very close to your customers – from the first contact to support. This is where you make your customers feel that they are in good hands – the best type of customer experience.

Digital Customer Experience – Your Customers' Experience

Whether it is a website, an app or social media: It is always the first impression that is decisive for a lot, if not for everything: If it is compelling – but only then – your customer will stay. In the ideal case until the deal is closed.

"Everything from the concept to the operation" - With combined infrastructure and development know-how, applications at SHE are developed in such a manner that they are optimized for operation.

SHE stands for a compelling customer approach, a positive customer experience – and your success.

We are experts when it comes to an appealing and secure online presence. We take care of content management, app development, websites and all security aspects. We help you run the omnichannel successfully. We ensure a continuous and seamless connection from your back-end systems to your customers.

Competition is increasingly digital and agile and is becoming steadily fiercer, which is why you need to have innovative, creative and flexible business models on your agenda. Your need: support with the implementation of your digital agenda.

Competition is constantly putting your supplier and customer relationships to the test. Your need: digitization of customer and supplier interfaces to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction through flexible, efficient and secure processes.

Diverse products and services and a branched organization: customers, partners and employees expect a clearly structured presentation. Your need: development, modernization and operation of your content management system, portal or website – a solution to manage information and present it in an appealing way.

A new market situation or new ideas for the customer experience: Despite tight budgets and resources your IT must deliver solutions. Your need: agile, flexible and fast development and integration of software solutions and the exploitation of the potentials of existing tools – at manageable costs.

How you benefit from a positive digital customer experience: You generate leads, reach new target groups, improve customer satisfaction and increase sales and turnover.

How you benefit from agile software development: top quality and extremely fast implementation of new, customer-specific solutions while at the same time reducing the workload of your own IT department.

How you benefit from advanced content management: fast, reliable response to customer inquiries and market requirements since the specialized departments are able to publish content also without IT expertise.

How you benefit from data generation and management: more and more detailed information about your customers.

How you benefit from integrating IT and agency services: one competent partner for all topics plus cost savings in project and application management.


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