Digital Customer Experience

Digital Customer Experience

Digital solutions for an outstanding customer experience

We are the experts for attractive and secure customer experiences. Based on your business goals, we support you in the implementation of your digital strategy, from the idea to the operation.

This is where our digital expertise comes into play: agility, security, applications of artificial intelligence (applied AI), scalability and more - competently composed into an impressive customer experience.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Design, development and operation of complex web applications
  • Modern middleware as a service center for your customer experience
  • Stable and secure application operation in cross-functional teams
  • Strategic IT consulting
  • Applied AI, conversational interfaces and AI-based analytics
  • Individual development of complex apps and applications


  • The CX.kit is a reference model for digitization that puts your end customer at the center of all business efforts.
  • It connects the business goals of top management with the digital capabilities, methods, digital building blocks, and technologies needed for implementation.
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SHE chatbot

Conversational interfaces with SHE

Chatbots are used for dialog-oriented communication; they can take customer service to a new level. The virtual assistants understand and process natural language, and can provide appropriate answers - with the help of artificial intelligence.

Chatbots reduce customer service costs and increase satisfaction through an improved customer experience. The ROI (return on investment) will not be long in coming. After all, a chatbot with basic functions requires little effort: for an insurance company, we implemented one of these digital assistants in full function with a budget of only 20 person-days.

What customers say about us

Janina was a passionate project from the very beginning, which was characterized by great ease and a lot of fun. With the solution from SHE, it was possible to create a fully comprehensive chatbot with personality in an amazingly short time. We are already excited to see how Janina will develop in the future and 'grow up' with our help.

Jonathan Scharm | Marketing Consultant at Janitos Versicherung AG

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