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The Market and the Trend

The services sector continues to grow steadily; more than two thirds of the added value in Germany is achieved with services. Boundaries between sectors fade along with the growth, because products and technical equipment is not sold or rented, but paid on usage basis.

This applies to the coffee machine in the office, which is made available for a monthly charge, as well as for a high-pressure cleaner, which is being evaluated based on how much water it supplied. If devices and equipment with sensor technology permanently report their maintenance status, the next step is obvious: targeted evaluation of sensor allows accurate predictions as to when a particular device needs to be serviced, when a spare part needs replacement – resource friendly and efficient, the trend towards “Predictive Maintenance”.

The internet of things, which will help enable sensors and networking in the future, also creates new business models, for medium sized companies as well.

Nonetheless, something is valid for all services: for their development, deployment and advancement, modern and efficient IT in flexible scaling is absolutely necessary. This is even clearer, as more interaction between customers and service providers takes place, in order to make services more customised. This way differentiation potential within the competition occurs, both for traditional service providers and for manufacturing companies, which turn into service providers.

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SHE – Always one IT ahead.

Modern websites are the infrastructure for digital services and allow communication with the customers on all types of devices.

Our software development supports your digitalisation strategy through the development of cross-platform apps and helps optimise internal processes to reduce costs.

The security department advises on all security issues, sets up realistic risks analyses and provides the highest security for the operation of applications and systems.

Our enterprise-class data centres (Tier-IV-standard with 99,991 per cent availability) offer an audit-proof storage for data and applications of medium sized companies. If temporary peaks need to be absorbed, for instance in the year-end business, there are unlimited resources available one click away.


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