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The Market and the Trend

Automobile manufacturers and mechanical engineers stand for trends and processes, which are today summarised under two headlines; "Internet of Things" and "Digitalization":

Mobile communication is deeper integrated into all sorts of vehicles. This allows not only communication of road users amongst them, in the form of video conferences from the vehicle using LTE networks. Vehicles independently communicate via Bluetooth and smart phone with garages, where the basic data is already available before the next maintenance date. GPS-based vehicles report their position via mobile network, in order to enable constantly updated reports on street traffic levels and timely congestions warnings. Not to mention the increasing number of assistance systems that provide greater comfort and security.

Meanwhile in the field of mechanical engineering, machines and equipments unrelentingly report on their operation and function status using sensors and actuators, which leads to better use, optimal maintenance intervals, control in real-time, resulting in efficient production processes that were previously unattainable.

Another issue that occurs is known as the popular headline: "Big Data". Both the automotive and the mechanical engineering sector produce large amounts of customer and process data that needs to be fed back into production and business processes, taking into account data security and privacy requirements. What bears the change to provide a competitive advantage represents a huge challenge for the IT sector.

Find out what it means to be a big or a small part of our world.

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