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Because Knowledge is our Business.

“What I don’t know, can’t hurt me” this could be, rather flippantly put, the alternative motto of our business school. We are looking for people who are enthusiastic about IT and all fired up when it comes to excellent know-how and targeted future knowledge. This is the reason why we offer effective, business and future oriented training programmes for our employees, partners and all interested parties within our SHE Business School.

We think that top employees do not fall off the sky, but actively search for an employer who is able to offer them an excellent working place with exceptional training opportunities. This is the reason why we founded the SHE Business School. Within a society, where the most important resource is represented by knowledge, the Business School ensures that knowledge is constantly improved. This way we also ensure that we always introduce innovative IT in modern business models with the help of the best IT specialists and thus can facilitate competitive advantages for our customers.

“Training for Success” – the success mainly lies within the project.

SHE has always believed in projects and is structured as a project oriented company. Recognize, analyse, decide, promote and know that many companies and medium size companies will further develop their project management (PM) standard – this is what characterises us.

We react especially fast and efficient to structured, traditional or agile project approaches. We are well positioned for new market conditions and customer wishes, as well as for new services and technologies.

Project managers and project leaders always hold the keys for project success. Excellent employees who have learned that project are not a side effect, but the heart of success. Everyone who leads in a professional and systematic manner and who knows how to analyse costs and the added value, will distinguish themselves as successful managers of a highly agile IT future.

To apply the crucial knowledge and skills is the primary task of the SHE Business School.

The PM training concept of SHE.

The hands on training programme for project management is modular, interactive and multi-level and each training level ends with a high-quality project management personal certificate.

The curriculum is spread over several months. It includes important project management know-how, application oriented English and enables the formation of the consultant. The participants gain an in-depth insight into the effects of the IT services provided by us within the profit-and-loss-account, at our customers and in our company as well.

The concept relies on the SHE basis PM certification for the optimal introduction into the professional project management and project procedure models of SHE. The training level based on this is completed by a SHE advanced PM certification. It gives strong practical experience and prepares the participants for obtaining a project management standard certificate (ex. SCRUM, Prince2) in a goal-oriented and time efficient way. Further practice-oriented training modules dock on this extended basic training. As part of a SHE business PM certification business methods are intensively taught, the application of PM methods and standards are deepened in a practical-oriented manner and communication, leading and sales skills are individually stimulated.

The SHE Business School continuously relies on the practical elaborations of themes with strong and interactive participation from the attendants. Group works, case studies, exercises at process level and at social level, as well as accompanying experienced project managers (m/f) in customer projects ensure practical reflexion within the training programme.

Find out what it means to be a big or small part of our world.

SHE – Always one IT ahead

SHE Business School - Because Knowledge is our Business.

Training for Success” – the success mainly lies within the project.

"Competitive Advantage through IT.“ SHE helps their customers to introduce innovative technologies sooner than their competitors.

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