We create space for everyone
We are not bound by blood but by something even greater... extraordinary collegial relationships.

Family comes first

Your family members were the first group of people to provide you with the basic needs to survive. So, always remember why you’re doing it. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your family is work and sometimes it’s taking a break from working and just being present. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Flexibility just the way you need it


We work remote in all sorts of structures, from 0% to 100%. We get that you have a life, and that life throws up opportunities and challenges. Our flexible remote work approach empowers you to achieve professional success, personal fulfillment, and seize opportunities while overcoming obstacles.

Here you can make it happen!

We’re a community of values


Without a shared purpose and joint agreement about how members contribute and benefit from their environment, you will rarely find an established community. Therefore be ready to participate in conversations and events, because communities are supposed to be a melting pot allowing every individual to interact and benefit.

We have fun at the office and our pets are welcome


It is fun in the office and you can bring your dog. You can even bring a cat, maybe two, but not more.
We don’t really like cats. Please don’t bring any cats actually. 

Experience our remarkable pet-friendly policy, bringing lively and joyful moments with adorable furry friends throughout the workday!

We are the life of the party


As professionals, we know how to have fun too! We enjoy organizing teambuildings, Christmas parties, summer parties, company anniversaries, birthday parties and more. We like to meet not only as a team but also as friends and spend quality time together in a relaxed environment.

Did you know that throwing a party is good for your health? Between coordinating music, providing enough food and drinks, and managing all the providers, colleagues and special guests, it’s no secret that throwing a party of any size can be stressful. But at the end of the day, when everyone leaves happily, it’s always worth the struggle because being among people is good for your immune system. Also, hosting teaches you to embrace stress. So there’s really no doubt that parties are amazing mood boosters!


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