Work-life balance as a cycle, not an achievement
How to improve your work-life balance starting today

Our inner state – „the business card” we leave behind us


Our inner state determines whether we feel strong and confident or doubtful and uncertain. This state is influenced by our mental and emotional processes, as well as our posture and expressiveness. Our stress levels, tiredness, and state of health also play a role. To maintain a good state, we must become aware of our relationship with ourselves and others. The body is a good indicator of how we feel after an encounter. Good self-awareness helps us position ourselves in relationships and activities. Our inner state is part of a greater good, influencing others throughout our lives. To improve our state, we should ask ourselves what business card we want to leave behind today.


Prioritizing Wellbeing


It's time to responsibly address the topic of wellbeing in organizations to create long-term strategies that help employees to be happy at work.

At the basis of an organization's success will always be the PEOPLE. Happy people in the right job and encouraged to express themselves freely will be the ones who, through innovation, dedication and hard work, will contribute decisively to the company's continuous adaptation to the competitive market and will make the difference between prosperity or mere survival.


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