Our team becomes your team!

If someone should pat our back, it’s you.

We are the best, innovative as hardly anybody else, all that’s missing now is that we go into details, when it comes to the sensational team spirit attributed to us. But instead of bragging about it, we prefer to focus our attention on your IT.

Eventually this is what matters to you. This is what counts and this is the reason why we focus on the essentials: your company, your markets, your customers and employees, but mainly on your individual possibilities.

This way, our team automatically turns into your team – with the goal to render your individual company IT even more sustainable. Standard solutions and standard slogans obviously have no place here. And thus we use a couple of words less, to speak for each and every one of our 150 employees. Irrespective of the locations we’re at, in Cluj, Köln, Stuttgart, Hamburg or the headquarters in Ludwigshafen am Rhein – we are inspired by the IT and it is your IT that brings us together, even binds us together.

Find out what it means to be a big or a small part of our world.

SHE – Always one IT ahead.