Digital Workspace

Quickly to the home office

Pragmatic and uncomplicated solution to quickly and sustainably create mobile workplaces

Workspace as a Service (WaaS)

With WaaS you have the opportunity to provide mobile workplaces quickly, pragmatically and easily by:

  • Short implementation time between two and five days
  • Low monthly costs (from 79 € per workstation / month)
  • One-off setup costs from 2.000 to 5.000 €
  • Individual customizing possible
  • No additional devices required
  • the solution to be suitable for both the office and home workstation

Architektur mobiler Arbeitsplatz mit Waas

Grafik: Architektur mobiler Arbeitsplatzlösung WaaS

Individual customizing possible

Individual customizing makes it quick and easy to adapt to your needs:

  • Installation of Basis / Office 365
  • 365 Installation of individual software
  • Integration in existing system management
  • Multi Factor aAuthentication (MFA)
  • Extended security solutions

Realization options

Choose between public or private cloud or on premises

Grafik: Die Cloud-Realisierungsvarianten

Möglichkeiten sind:

  • SHE-Cloud -
    Tier 4 data processing center with ISO 27001 certification
  • Public Cloud -
    Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services

Security in the home office

Now put your focus on the safety factor. We will be happy to support you. Keep an eye on the most important points:

  • Modernize password policies
  • Enable Multi Factor Authentication
  • Mail Spoofing prevention
  • Firewall Policy update
  • Shadow IT: Legalize or strictly prevent popular tools

Grafik: Multi Faktor Authentifizierung - Ein wichtiger Security Aspekt

WaaS as a long-term and sustainable solution

Workspace as a Service from SHE has been tried and tested. You have the opportunity

a) Ensure data and system security

  • Data remains on the server, no data on the user device
  • Private and business environment remain separate
  • Central management of the virtual desktops

b) Establish operational security

  • Low bandwidth requirement for the user
  • Independence from the user device
  • Cheap end devices can be used
  • Simple provisioning / deprovisioning

c) and reduce IT costs

  • Scalable through the cloud approach
  • WaaS is cheaper than a combination of conventional and emergency workplaces
  • The saved costs can be invested in innovative solutions and services

Grafik: IT-Kostenentwicklung

SHE Informationstechnologie managed within a week that Janitos can offer home office to all employees

Ulrich Geuss, Board Member at Janitos Versicherung AG

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