Use the "IT language"

CX-focused action
in marketing and sales meets processes and IT

CX-Forum with Maritz/Inmoment

with Bastian Heist und Markus Steil on 6 June 2020

CX study from 2020 reveals:

  • Lack of coordination between IT and business causes discrepancies
  • There is no sponsorship from top management
  • Companies do not invest in the most relevant channels
  • Outdated analysis methods are often used

Different thinking of CX and IT

lead to misunderstandings:

Architektur mobiler Arbeitsplatz mit Waas

Solution Approach

Originally a technique for modeling complex software. The special feature: The architecture and implementation are based on professionalism.

Domain Driven Design

by Eric Evans (2003)


Domain-driven design is a procedure that makes complex software projects more transparent for everyone involved

Definition Domain Driven Design

Essential terms


describes a specific field.
Example: the insurance industry in general

Bounded Context

describes different models within the department.
Example: tariff advice on the one hand and damage reporting on the other

Domain Events

model relevant events in the domain. Example: Insurance policy expired, price adjustment was sent to customers


model business objects within a bounded context, similar to an ER diagram. Example: customer, contract, damage

In practice


Knowledge Crunching

is a procedure to generate a uniform and comprehensive understanding among all involved. Common methods include domain storytelling, event storming, user story mapping and example mapping (from behavior-driven development)

Knowledge Cunching

Ubiquitous Language

  • Is not explicitly defined, but develops from the modeling
  • Slow - no brute force approach!
  • Changes in meaning often at context boundaries
  • WOften becomes the "published language"

Ubiquitos Language

Desired result

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The desired result is:

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