Supply and Disposal Companies

The Market and the Trend

The energy transition and the increased digitalization of internal and external processes mean that supply and disposal companies are requested to a higher extent when it comes to IT: not only do energy suppliers deal with smart metering and smart grids, and need to take consumers along, but the productive and lawful handling of customer data represents a challenge, not only for energy suppliers, but for all supply and disposal companies.
And that is only one aspect of the keyword 'big data'. Another one is detecting failures in the operating procedure at an early stage with the help of real-time analyses of process data. An efficient cooperation between technical and business IT through intelligent infrastructure and software solutions is needed. In order to control the costs and to always have state-of-the-art technology, successful companies of this sector also rely on IT services from proven experts: starting with the planning and implementation if IT components, to operation and maintenance, support and lifecycle management, the trend moves towards selective outsourcing.

Find out what it means to be a big or a small part of our world.

SHE – Always one IT ahead.

The Digital Workspace lays the foundations for more flexibility at low costs, for central data pools, which are accessible from anywhere, and for new employees to quickly become productive.

Modern websites collect data from various systems and make them available.

Our software development provides mobile and integrated solutions that enhance their business models, in the form of an app for addressing end customers for instance and enables location specific information ('location based services'), as well as individual value-added services offers.

In our data centres data and applications find secure storage.


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