The Market and the Trend

Chemistry is one of the most intensive vertical markets when it comes to research and technology. In this field much of what falls under the terms “Industry 4.0” and “Internet of Things and Services” has been implemented: linking of practically all levels in the process of development, production and commercialization with information technology. Hallmarks are intelligent work pieces, tools and other objects, which communicate, identify one another and control, and thus ensure vertical and horizontal integration, consistent engineering and extensive modularization of production.

This digitalization has a significant impact, not only on production processes themselves, but on the entire value chain. It influences the way in which work is organized, business models and cooperation with service providers in the further process of the value chain and supply chain.

The close integation of components and agents in this chain creates huge demands in terms of security. In Industry 4.0, it’s not just the people who need to prove their entitlement to use a system or an application. Systems and devices themselves need to be provided with clear digital identities, in order to be able to play their roles in the digitally optimized business processes across organizations.

IT systems, applications and portals that support all these requirements need to display a high integration level among each other and within the process technology. Only then can they have an impact as success factor in the competition.

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The digital workspace created conditions for faster workflows both indoors and in the field, through free choice of terminal devices and secure access.

Virtual infrastructures provide flexibility, which is absolutely necessary for a company within the 4.0. industry.

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