We shape the future of IT.

In IT it´s all about the future.
In the future, it will be all about IT.

However you put it: We have been successfully shaping the IT future for our customers for 30 years. We might not be the exception in this endeavour – but we sure are exceptional.

Applications, Infrastructure and Services

The SHE Informationstechnologie AG develops and operates IT applications, infrastructures and services for the digitalization of companies.The service range consists of mobile, virtual work space, but also of secure, highly available dynamic computer centre infrastructures – in outsourcing, in cloud environment and on premise. In addition to this we offer websites, interlocked with the back-end, portals and other software, as well as cost effective provision of programming and project capacities.

Find out what it means to be a big or a small part of our world.
SHE – Always one IT ahead.

We are experts when it comes to innovative, agile and hybrid IT. The use of state-of-the-art methods ensures competitive advantages for our clients.

IT innovations drive the digitization of business processes. The ones who benefit are those enterprises who use these opportunities before their competitors do. They are one IT ahead.

At our headquarters as well as our locations in Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Cluj (Romania) we have a total of 150 committed, highly qualified employees working for our clients.

At SHE we discuss intensively, so that our clients IT is performing well.