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Many IT projects demand urgent software resources. But access to skilled top tech talents is limited, especially in the US not least because of high salaries. You probably know that European companies increasingly solve this problem with skilled software experts from Eastern Europe. This precious software talent pool is also accessible for the US.

Read in this article in just five minutes how German engineering can help US companies of all trades to win an IT expert team for competitive prices in just four to ten weeks, who understands the requirements of your industry, speaks fluently English and with whom you can plan for the long term. In a free expert meeting, we evaluate your individual challenges and provide insights into how other satisfied US-based and globally operating companies are executing IT projects fast & successfully. is a German-Romanian software development company that offers you high quality software outsourcing to Europe at a fair price. We are developing customized software for global players like Parker, SwissLife and many more. With over 250 employees, we have a wide pool of highly qualified software engineers who can start working on your project within a few days.

Access to skilled software experts for urgent IT projects is limited

Managing IT projects often face the same challenge – the lack of talented software professionals like architects, product owners, scrum masters, DevOps engineers etc. with a sufficient understanding of the specific industry. In the US, high salaries of the desired candidates are exacerbating the situation: People in junior roles with hardly any job experience receive annual salaries of 80,000 to 100,000 USD. Seniors often get 150,000 USD per year or more.

Finding, combining, and retaining top tech talent is never easy, as the demand for skilled software developers by far exceeds the supply. According to McKinsey, many companies already have begun to close skill gaps, usually by hiring. But especially China & USA nevertheless face an incredible IT skills shortage within the next few years, as the management consulting firm Korn Ferry has pointed out, amongst others, in an extensive report. That's why IT outsourcing will become even more strategically crucial.

But outsourcing brings new challenges: Who do you trust? How can you be sure that you will get software experts with skills matching your individual requirements? Who can convince you that IT teams from an external service provider perfectly align with your own IT resources – that these people literally speak the same language as you do, not just the mother tongue?

According to the "Big Data and AI Executive Survey 2021" by the strategic advisors of NewVantage Partners, culture still eats strategy for breakfast: Executives report that cultural challenges – not technology challenges – represent the biggest barrier to realizing business outcomes and achieving long- term success.

In Germany, has been one of the few pioneers to outsource software development to the Romanian IT hub Cluj as we already can look back at ten years of experience on site. We are at the forefront of an approach being tested successfully multiple times. We have already helped 100+ satisfied customers over 10 years overcome their individual limited and expensive resources for IT projects with our top tech talents from Cluj.

This trend – since a while established in Europe – is now spilling over to the US. Let's explore how you can win skilled software teams for the US market within just four to ten weeks and up to 40% cheaper than hiring your own employees. You can rely on a strategic partner setting a high value on its German heritage and engineering quality.


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How German engineering can bridge the tech talent shortage

Based close to German's principal financial hub Frankfurt, can already look back at more than 35 years of experience. The German software service provider focuses on assembling agile IT expert teams for companies across all industries with demand for software pros to drive digitization forward. More than 100 satisfied customers trust on We are interested in long-term partnerships. That's just one reason why our customer retention rate regularly exceeds 90%, meaning at least nine out of ten customers extend their contract with us.

For its US clients, operates from San Diego – as legal partner and first contact of winning the best- suited IT team for you. US customers profit from a time zone turbo: European developers work when the US IT teams sleep. So, you can benefit from waking up when your software project has gone another step further.

We suggest daily syncs from 8:00 am to 9:30 am PT to align with your team members. We will take ownership of your problems and requirements and involve proxy roles, if needed, which will make sure to maintain the delivery process flow. Additionally, we can achieve to avoid access blockers by implementing and using local environments.

This will also allow you to give tasks to your extended team in Romania at the end of your workday which allows them to work on your project while you are sleeping. You will then be able to wake up and find that these tasks have been completed. Having software experts work on your project day and night will allow you to reduce your time to market tremendously.

"You can brief something at 5 pm, then wake up the next day – and it's done."

Doug Edmonds
Founder Knowledge Leaps

We make sure that the software teams are familiar with your industry, have a customer-centered mindset of sales & marketing and speak perfectly English. Any cultural reservations usually disappear very quickly once the teams have gotten to know each other, and the first familiar online meeting and communication structures have been set up (with short daily meetings and common tools such as Jira & Confluence).

Engaging them would cost you up to 40% less than hiring your own employees. Why is that possible? Many European companies are now successfully implementing their digitization projects with highly qualified software experts from the hotspot of Romania, where more than 100,000 knowledgeable top IT professionals work. That's how can offer you high quality software outsourcing to Europe at a fair price. With over 250 employees, we have a wide pool of highly qualified software engineers who can start working on your project within a few days. 

Not sure what value you get in return? Talk to us, and we will be very open about our rates. As an additional option, you can build your own dedicated team on site in the Romanian hub Cluj with our support – including participation in recruiting and interviewing.

Why Parker & the Californian tech start-up Knowledge Leaps rely on the expertise of IT expert teams assembled by

The global leader in motion and control technologies Parker has been one of the first US-based companies who put us to test – for a project being on the verge of failure. Parker's responsible innovation & technology manager Jan Hustert was right from the start excited about the agility and responsiveness of the The result: "a super short development time for this complex task", as Hustert says. "They delivered exactly to the point – precisely what we wanted and at the cost we agreed." His conclusion: "We have been rewarded with a product result that we can be proud of today."

Knowledge Leaps collaborates with since 2015 – still with the same team members. " helped us to build a very simple-to-use platform", says Doug Edmonds, the founder of a group of companies specializing in analytics and data. At that time, as they could not compete with salaries of software engineers in the US, Edmonds asked his network of investors and friends for a recommendation.

That's how Edmonds got in contact with The project started with a "wireframe for a very low entry price". Then they moved iteratively forward until delivered "a very complicated product" in terms of coding "which is robust and reliable" – today it's the backbone of Knowledge Leaps' data business. The fact that assigned all copyright of the code directly to his company was another main argument why he went with the German-Romanian software provider.

How to get started with your IT team in 4-10 weeks

There are already ambitious timetables for your digitization projects, and you would prefer to get started as soon as possible? The rough roadmap for this would look like this:

After an initial meeting (see below), we fully immerse ourselves in your requirements and goals. You discuss all the relevant facts with our Managing Director in the US in a timely manner. In many cases, our new customers start with a smaller project first. This helps to get to know the cooperation and to gain trust.

If we get together, a second meeting with the Managing Director plus a program manager is held immediately afterwards to discuss the appropriate team set-up. After that, all the important details such as job roles and time frame are discussed, and then we can get started.

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Above all, we first get to know each other on a personal level, so that you can assess us well. Have we been able to convince you? Reach out to Till now.


Till Stockmann

Managing Director SHE San Diego