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Are you discouraged from setting up complex IT projects? Read here how you get started in just 4-8 weeks with an efficient onboarding process
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Deploying an IT project is challenging?

You must take care of many pivotal factors like team structure, technological requirements, or costs. Read in this article how an efficient onboarding process lets you get started in just 4-8 weeks. In a free expert meeting, we evaluate your individual challenges and provide insights into how other companies are setting up IT projects fast & smoothly. 

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With more than 100 experts in Cluj-Napoca, you can realize your digitalization projects. For over 10 years, cross-industry tailor-made solutions have been developed here. With capabilities in areas such as IoT, Security, Healthcare, Business Intelligence and Web Development, SHE is being trusted by clients like BASF, ZF Friedrichshafen, Solarlux, Swiss Life and many others. 

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The problem: setting up IT projects is full of pitfalls 

Initiating the next urgent IT project is tricky: Expectations of all stakeholders involved are often unclear. That makes it difficult for every responsible project manager to set priorities and deadlines. In addition to that, business and IT rarely speak the same language, resulting in misunderstandings and project delays.  

Furthermore, vague goals and objectives of your IT project might cause wrong budget allocation. And, what's more: a lack of the necessary skills on your team will harm the outcome of your project.      


The solution: get started in just 4-8 weeks with an efficient onboarding process 

At SHE, we've implemented a lean, transparent, and easy-to-understand onboarding process in 4 phases to get you into action as quickly and comfortable as possible: 

  • Phase 1: Information gathering & Scope Alignment 

  • Phase 2: Detail planning 

  • Phase 3: Setting up the team 

  • Phase 4: Integration (Delivery start) 

Let's explore the 4 phases in detail. 


How quickly can we put ourselves in your perspective and attract the right IT team for you? 


Phase 1: Information gathering & Scope Alignment 

The IT industry has forged such a strong bond with Cluj-Napoca over the last decade that the two are slowly becoming synonymous. After our first contact - at the latest! - you will be aware of it. Already with our second touchpoint you can share your goals directly with our CEO in Cluj. Tell us all about your project details, your ideas of team size and seniority level, your current use of technology and mode of operation. As further ingredients we contribute the engineer's and the market perspective.  

Then we tick all the necessary boxes in terms of: 

  • setup of IT (system accessibility, hardware configuration, VPN etc.) 

  • ramp up of the team (structure, seniority level needed, language of choice etc.) 

  • project organization (preferred collaborative tools, meetings, deadlines etc.) 

  • and of course, budget (with 100% transparency about rates and cost indicators) 

Usually, we begin our long-term partnerships on a project basis. After your first successful project you can scale up later. But if you have already gathered positive experience with Nearshoring and can oversee your budget for two years at least, you could jump right into an Outbranching model where a dedicated team works long term on-site for you in Cluj. Of course, you will be involved in the recruiting process if you want to. (It's possible to switch to this model later.) 

Outcome: a clear mutual understanding of your IT project and its prerequisites 

Okay, let's move on to: 


Phase 2: Detail planning 

After receiving our offering, let's discuss everything necessary in-depth:  

  • needed profiles and roles/wanted candidates, technical skills, full-time/part-time etc. 

  • team responsibilities and integration into your internal processes, IT department and communication tools 

  • start date and timelines 

Outcome: All details are settled, a contract will be signed 

Everything set and done? Then we can officially start our partnership with: 


Phase 3: Setting up the team 

Good news: That one is mostly on our side, so you can take it easy and enjoy your time while a brand-new team is set up for you. Of course, the final decision of job positions and start dates for members of your new IT expert team is with you.  

Outcome: Your new IT team is ready to join you 


Phase 4: Integration (Delivery start) 

Now it's about time to onboard the team and arrange face-to-face meetings, while the integration is simultaneously settled on the technical and legal side.   

Outcome: The execution of your IT project can begin 

Above all, we first get to know each other on a personal level, so that you can assess us well.


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