Cluj-Napoca -
the jewel from Transylvania 
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What's with this city?

Why is everyone talking about it? How is it connected with the IT world and how it became an IT hub? Let's find out!

At first glance, Cluj-Napoca appears to be just another European city, in the middle of just another European country. However, between its walls, lies a hidden jewel. The IT industry has forged such a strong bond with Cluj-Napoca over the last decade that the two are slowly becoming synonymous. It's impossible to think of the entire Cluj county without immediately thinking of IT.

But what’s the reason behind this?


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With more than 100 experts in Cluj-Napoca, you can realize your digitalization projects. For over 10 years, cross-industry tailor-made solutions have been developed here. With capabilities in areas such as Software Outsourcing, IoT, Security, Healthcare, Business Intelligence and Web Development, SHE is being trusted by clients like Parker Hannifin, Knowledge Leaps, BASF,  Solarlux, Swiss Life and many others. 

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Education as a core

In the heart of Transylvania, the city has one major asset: its schools.

Cluj-Napoca hosts the largest and best-ranked university in the country, Babeș-Bolyai University. With 21 faculties, the university has transformed the city into a significant academic hub, resulting in an increasing number of experts in the market. The Mathematics and Computer Science Faculty, one of the university's oldest, educates hundreds of IT specialists each year - and it's not the only one.

Right into the city center, another university stands tall - The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Out of the hundreds of engineers that leave its benches each year, it’s no wonder that many turn their heads towards IT.

The two schools started pumping hundreds, if not thousands of IT specialists into the market in just a few years - and they didn’t sit on their hands. Instead, in the last decade, IT startups have sprung up like mushrooms after the rain, doubling in number. More and more companies have decided to take advantage of the great labor force and built headquarters in the middle of Transylvania. It wouldn’t be peculiar to see a big player in the IT field with offices in New York, San Francisco, Berlin, and then Cluj-Napoca.

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Resources, potential, and determination

Having a vast pool of specialists is an asset, but was it enough to convince all of these companies to move to the Romanian market? The short answer is no. Other factors were at play here, notably, the Romanian market, which allowed them to pay high salaries to developers while maintaining overall low costs. Suddenly, there was this fantastic city full of outstanding programmers who could deliver quickly and affordably while also achieving high levels of personal and professional satisfaction.

When we shifted our gaze to Cluj-Napoca, we did so because we saw the city's potential. We were certain that we would be able to find excellent developers here, and we were right. We've come a long way together and have no intention of slowing down. As we grow and expand, we want to preserve the healthy working environment we've built for all of our developers by offering competitive compensation, exciting projects, and a healthy corporate culture.

Today, we’re growing at a rapid pace and are always looking for more people to join our efforts and provide our clients with great, affordable software. As Cluj-Napoca grows, we grow with it, bringing together the brightest minds the city has to offer to work on a variety of exciting initiatives.

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We have clients from US, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and we won't stop here. Meet two of them right here.


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On a high speed train to the top

The face of the city has changed in only a few years, and much of that transformation can be attributed to the IT 'bubble', which has boosted living standards in the city and attracted an increasing number of soon-to-be professionals to study or work here. It might be difficult to imagine how a specialized market can transform the landscape of an entire city in just a few years, but Cluj-Napoca is a living example of how technology can affect all aspects of life, including economics. We're excited to be a part of the Romanian market, and we intend to cement our position here in the next years.

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