Out-branching, the new revelation of the outsourcing industry

Considering starting an outsourcing team abroad? The drivers have switched consistently during the last 10 years, from reducing operating costs and improving process performance to innovation, differentiation and process re-ingeneering. The cost efficicency is no longer the main drive, these days it’s also about the resource pool, efficiency and innovation.

But what about transparency? Most of the companies that are looking at outsourcing possibilities worry just as much about transparency as they worry about quality, meeting the time to market, improving performance, costs and access to modern architecture, technologies and methodologies. Out-branching, the new outsourcing model recently awarded in Romania is built on this particular need: transparency. Clients call it “the Rolls Royce of outsourcing” , because of its ability to reduce development costs while keeping quality intact.

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When: Tuesday 25.04.2017, from 9.00 to 12.00
Where: Hotel Arthur in Helsinki, Vuorikatu 19 FI-00100, Aurola Hall
Registration: The event is free of charge for invited guests, but requires a binding registration by 10.04.2017. Places are limited, so make sure you book your seat by completing the form below.


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